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Finally, freedom for Traders!

Trading is a highly specialized profession that gives only a few people great satisfaction. For everyone else, it’s a jail of things to know or to do.

Finally Algo4Stocks has freed the traders!

  • no time to waste
  • nothing to learn
  • no course to do
  • no overnight anxiety
  • no trends to know
  • no experience to acquire
  • no rumors to follow
  • nothing to predict
  • no expertise to improve
  • no right timing to have
  • no webinars to follow
  • no updates to fullfill


>> is the system many are waiting for:


2 – SAME PERFORMANCES FOR EVERYONE (even for beginners)



In minutes each subscriber links the stream to their broker and doesn’t have to do anything else.

He finally has more time and money for the things he loves!


>>>>> Your audience is looking for our service <<<<<

  • because everyone would like to have passive income
  • even those who trade and are tired of losing money

If you got traffic

looking for increasing their profitability 

is going to make you a lot of money!

>>> Pricing policy for subscribers

– Under 25

Free  (for 12 months)

– Over 25

14-day free trial

$ 72,00 monthly (see Refund Policy below)

>>> Bounty Program (


Refunds Programme

– $ 36,00 as a member-gets-member refund, you made 1 friend of yours subscribe (we gladly pay our marketing costs to you).


– $ 72,00 as a member-gets-member refund, you made 2 friends of yours subscribe (we gladly pay our marketing costs to you). 


– $ 36,00 more for each other friend.

Rewards Programme

You can quickly go above $ 20K per month with your community.
Effortlessly because everyone is looking for passive income!

How it works

– Level 1 – $ 24,00 for each new subscriber, repeated every month for as long as the subscription is active.

– Level 2 – $ 24,00 for each new subscriber of a Level 1 subscriber, repeated every month for as long as the subscription is active. 

– A – With just 10 new subscribers friends, your monthly income is $ 240.00. If your community generates of 100 memberships in total, your monthly income grows to $ 2,400.00.

– B – If each of your subscribers has, in turn, 10 friend subscribers in total, your monthly income is $ 240.00 + $ 2,400.00 = 2,640.00 if you have 10 direct subscribers at Level 1, but if you have 100 becomes $ 26,400.00, monthly.

– Always calculated on 2 levels, gross of taxes ($ 288,00 per year – 12 months, each subscription)
– There is no monthly production to be done
– The Affiliate must not buy anything, ever
– Your earnings are calculated on the total subscription and paid on the 5th of each month

– Your earnings are unlimited. They last as long as the subscriptions are paid

Easier recruiting
– Each of your Level 1 subscribers will in turn, have the same earnings
– Same for Level 2 ones. It just depends on how many subscriptions they activate.
– And so on.

Easy isn’t it?

NYSE Daytrading Best-Stocks BULLETIN

Allows anyone to have these performances, the same for all subscribers.

And even if the past doesn’t include the future,

this graph shows we have a great past, right up until yesterday!

Deeds, not words!


TRANSPARENCY – every day a bundle of at most 10 stocks, taken from NYSE, and potentially profitable for the current day is released. Only two actions are supposed to be made: open position at the time specified by the chosen strategy, close positions 30 minutes before market closes.
Operativity is referred to the whole daily bundle, equally shared, in terms of invested money, among the stocks.

Chart depicts the algebraic sum of daily results of latest 90 days from a given date (simple regime). Since we’re only focused on day trading, we work between market open and close time.

Calculation is brought up as depicted above:

A4S’s bulletin* – yellow line – percentage delta of market open and close price. It testify the quality of stock selection made every day by our algorithm.

Current strategy – green line – percentage delta of price at our Strategy open time and price at 30 minutes before market close time.

S&P500 – red line – percentage delta of index prime at market open and close time

*A4S (Algo4Stocks) is the MPW’s tool for passive income (


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