NYSE Daytrading Best-Stocks BULLETIN

Fully automated unconventional system


No trading anxiety – No work – No time – No know how

 Turnkey – For everyone


. Algo 4 Stocks   .



The SUM of daily performances over the last 30 calendar day:

No-Leverage – Intraday – Strategies for every trend. editable whenever you want, as well as stop it.


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1 – activate a $ 100 account on a broker: Alpaca (IG, Degiro and others coming soon)
2 – activate a free connection of the linking platform m8r.tech  or Metatrader integration

NYSE Daytrading Best Stocks BULLETIN

For automated Day-Trading on NYSE, up to 10 stocks,

with a single operation for the session (IN & OUT)


m8r.tech linking platform or MetaTrader integration

& your broker


In many industries, machines perform better than humans and continuously

Even in stock trading, when math is a friend




The tool you need…


... when the goal is to create recurring Passive Income

Passive income plays an important role in generating income because it allows you to have additional resources, without any attention to be paid. Algo4stocks is a simple tool to activate (see the procedures), potentially very profitable because the stock market has always been a rich place where, every day, wealth is redistributed.


    ... the trading is a very helpful industry to exploit

    As in many sectors, even in trading, machines are much more effective than men. They can examine incredible amounts of data in real time and possess enormous computational capabilities. They offer consistency of results and operation without mood or fatigue.
    Even if the intuition of the successful trader is lacking, the machine makes up for it with the constancy of performances, statistically recurring.

    ... for automatic daily results

    You can automate trading operations using  m8r.tech as link platform and ALPACA broker (soon other brokers too). See the Performance SUM over the last 30 calendar days:

    No-Leverage – Intraday – Gross commission – You may change your favourite strategy whenever you want, as well as stop it.

    Strategies for every trend.

    ... with complete historical data

    Even if past data does not guarantee future results and on the stock market there is always the possibility of losing everything, you will be able to deepen all our historical information to better understand our approach. It’s all transparently in your hands.

    We don’t teach trading; we give turnkey results!

    In trading, everyone is busy teaching/learning how to make money.
    More than 80% lose money because it is a tough job.

    We who research and have decades of experience in finance, mathematics and programming know this well. So we have built a unique system that all people are looking for: a turnkey service, ready to use, simple, where there is nothing to do and which does not require time. As a utility, you just use it and anyone can do it.

    Algo4stocks focuses on day trading so that you are fully divested every night, and anyone has no overnight anxieties.
    The results are published every day with maximum transparency. So every morning, everyone can decide whether to continue, stop or change strategy. Every day everyone is free, with the least possible risk.

    The difference with the competition is:
    – with those who teach trading
    Competitors – achieve results with work, time consumption and significant risks.
    Algo4Stocks – delivers results without doing anything and with very manageable risks
    – with trading robots or copy trader
    Competitors – more days, night anxiety, many operations, high risks
    Algo4Stocks – day trading, one trade, no night anxieties, very manageable risks.

    The algo4stocks.com site uses data from MPW  (www.myprivatewelfare.com)

    What is A4S?

    It is a tool system to overcome the discrimination created by the different levels of financial knowledge of people that affects their well-being. It consists of 3 tools, suitable for everyone, focused on building a solid future:
    1 – create surplus income (passive income) through our Profitable Stock Daily Bulletin valid for day trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Third-party as linking platform and as broker fully automate it.
    2 – A course to maximize working income (active income).
    3 – A course with the best strategies for Financial-Wellness (portfolio income).

    Anyone under 40 will likely be over 100 years old.

    Are you financially ready for this scenario?

    It’s your Longevity Risk; A4S helps you manage it successfully.


    What A4S is not?

    MPW is not a broker, nor a trading platform, nor a financial consultant.


    Who we are

    We have decades of math and finance experience. It is our algorithm that generates the daily stock bundles.


    What do we do

    Our tools immediately give you an economic advantage because you receive the information of the daily Bulletin extracted from our algorithm exclusively on a mathematical basis. With this information, from the first day, you can activate an income surplus channel for your objectives. The full trading execution through your broker, thank a service of a linking platform. In addition to “learning by viewing” your operations, the courses introduces you to the best strategies to maximize your working income and acquire the most suitable vision to optimize your mindset for your active income and your financial wellness for your portfolio income. Our approach eases the learning curve for newbies even though our data analysis guide is based on sophisticated algorithms, usually suited for trading experts.


    Our transparency

    Every day we publish results of the previous day (which are public data available everywhere). We also post the (algebraic) sum of our results for the last 30 days. The whole history of our daily bundles is available for backward analysis and transparency, even if it’s clear that past data doesn’t make any insurance for future results.


    Further details

    Stocks are taken from the New York Stock Exchange. No trading leverage is supposed to be used.