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Algo4Stocks provides daily signals and timing for your trading activity, so you just have to use them with your favourite broker.

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Trading Signals & Timing

Welcome to our Innovative Systematic Day-trading approach

Where everyone gets the same results

Unconventional and automatable

More time and money for the things you love

It’s plenty of people selling trading data and advices online,
but barely someone have really good data.

With us, you can ensure you have the right data:
come and deep dive into our historical timeseries

Stock signals & timing
for your easy day-trading

Our data generates equal results to the experts

Nothing to learn or to do. No wasted time.

No leverage applied

Fully automatable keeping your favorite broker.

Every evening you have your money available!

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See everyday analysis an dig into our data, there’s no reason to hide information about our performance

WINNING PERFORMANCES rely on best data

Our performance seems impossibile, but it’s real! You can dig into our data in order to realize we’re not cheating!

Daily analysis

Every day we publish our usable data (a list of stock title you can trade for the current day). At the end of the day we analyse performances and publish every details.


Transparent analysis enables you to dig into data. It even allows us to improve our algorithims in order to give you better data from day to day!


Our analysis doesn’t invole leverage, for many reasons:
– it’s not necessary with our strategies
– we want to keep our feet on the ground and let you build solid, consistent gains

A strong history

Even though past performances are not a insurance for what may happen in the future, you can see for yourself: so far we’ve been winning for over 1 year.

Full history means full trust

We fully publish our data as we think it’s the only way for allowing you to trust us. Don’t you agree?

Multi-format data

Our analysis involves data table, charts, printable pdf reports. Need some extra information? Just ask!

Multi-dimensional data

You can have a look at daily results and charts, weekly reports, monthly aggregate data, yearly totals. Whatever you choose to analyse in our data, we are here to help!




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We use a day trading approach, it constraints operation to a single market day, so giving back money at market close time and letting the subscriber decide whether to keep investing or just pause. The algorithm is focused on day-trading so to value its potential with the chosen titles. On the other hand, we use S&P500 index for benchmarking purposes, on which, obviously our algorithm doesn’t invest. This may lead to different results than the ones achieved by a multiday trading