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Algo 4 Stocks / unconventional signals for NYSE & NASDAQ

Do you lose money with your Trading Data and Timing?

What are you thinking about these?

Most people are  concerned about how unprofitable the data
they are using for trading decisions as well as the right time to execute.

We’re here to change that

Suitable for everyone, more for beginners!

ONLY 1 OPERATION PER DAY, upon opening! (automatable)Create an account!


For Systematic Day -Trading

No leverage 

For everyone same performance as the experts.

Nothing to learn or to do. No wasted time.

Fully automatable keeping your favorite broker.

Every evening you have your money available!

We just release trading analysis

Every day our algorithms find the right data to help you with your trading strategies.

We are unconventional

We trust the scientific approach focused on a single operation per day, upon opening, and closed before the end to avoid overnight anxiety.

Data science you can trust

A scientific approach

We make assumptions, we test them. We start over, every day. You can see our data, so you can be sure of  our results.

Full history available for study

We have to gain your trust, so we fully disclose our process to you. You can then be aware of your decisions.


We work hard to take off the stressfull part of trading whith a daily focus

Stop lookign at your trading experience as is it a nightmare. It simply shouldn’t, and we’re at your side making it better and better..

– We provide data that’s not related to market fluctuations
– We have different approaches that suit Bulls or Bears
– We ensure results are equal, not matter who you are
– Worried about the learning curve? With us you have nothing to learn
– We involve no leverage, for consistent and solid results


What about daily performances?


We make daily comparisons with the S&P500 as reference index

Portable reports

You get access to all pdf reports we’ve been creating fro over one year.

Real world data testing and training

We test our data and adapt our algorithms so that they make better results every day.

No leverage applied

We don’t involve leverage in our analysis, so to keep our feet on the ground: we discourage you using leverage too.


Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.


Unconventional model

What we provide:

–  many daily stock signals, at the opening 

– selected for only one execution per trading session,
closed max 30 min before the end of the session.



– many hypothetical inspirations as a starting point for your operations


What we suggest:

– execution by your preferred broker

– automate execution if you are a beginner


What you should achieve:
– every evening, you have your money available


We built a simplified trading experience

Empower trading automation

Whichever data you’ll be using, it’s integration is our main concern.

Simplyfy trading experience

Because we believe trading shouldn’t have to be challenging.

Help expert traders as well as beginners

We want to empower people, no matter what